Beast's phase 2 sit (indoors) is great. Even if I'm dancing around he won't break the sit unless he has to sneeze or something. Considering how little we get to practice I'm very pleased with his progress. I know we won't be able to make much progress outdoors until we return to California. The dogs there are better trained in general and generally don't lunge back at him. All the regular dog walkers have also learned Beast isn't friendly so they won't approach us.

Phase 2 down indoors is coming along. I taught him how to crawl about a year ago and sometimes he'll get confused and start crawling. He's picking up on it well though and I have confidence that with a bit more practice he'll stop crawling. He also has another habit that's rather cute. When he knows he's doing really well he'll bounce up in a play bow. He's still entirely focused and stays in place, but it's like he can't control his wiggly butt. That will probably be harder to break than crawling.

Up until now, as long as the dog is small and 30 feet away, he can hold the sit. We only practice if there's no where else to go without running in to a dog. It may not sound like much but it's quite the feat for him. Generally the hint of a tail or the sound of a collar 50 feet away will have him lunging. I have a feeling we've been set back though. The other day my dad insisted I bring Beast out to meet the neighbor's corgi. If I didn't do it he would have done it himself, and that would have been a disaster. The corgi was in our garage already which would anger Beast even if he liked the dog. Unsurprisingly, Beast lunged and barked while the corgi barked and backed away. My stepmom tried to comfort Beast like he's a fricken baby or something and was petting around his head and mouth, which irks me to no end. Does she want to get bit? My dad tried to use the deep, stern voice he's so fond of using (which never works) to tell Beast to sit. I know from experience that by the time he's lunging like that with his hackles up and pupils dilated up he is no longer listening. It's nearly impossibly to get him to do anything until the other dog is out of sight. Once they realized nothing either of them did will make Beast stop, they let me take him inside. I must say I am quite fond of the leather leash. It's very lovely on the hands. When will they make vegan leather that works so well? Even after that episode they still want Beast and the corgi to meet again and be friends. I don't understand why they're so hung up on Beast having doggy friends. Anyways, after any encounter with a dog his reactivity intensifies for a while. It gets to the point where he'll start lunging if he smells another dog that had walked the same path not long before us. Hopefully I can talk them out of any future meetings with the corgi so he doesn't become hellish to walk.