Working on Barneys heel position off-lead, this will be a consistent work in progress at this stage, I feel he wants to remain in the correct position however veers off as he loses focus so have only been working 10m intervals, I've found when using a leash he will try to forge ahead occasionally, so using a short nylon traffic leash and giving him praise and reward for leaving slack as we walk is what I'm focusing on, additonally I prefer it when I halt and he sits, this has a real life application when conducting Drill on the march so I will leave that behaviour he offers. I only have flat buckle collars atm and do not want to attempt the phase 2 escape/avoidance conditioning yet, (I have a halti that I'm utilising on Coda for our heel work, we are not doing escape/avoid I'm just getting her comfortable with it while walking) I'm waiting on a starmark from the States, then will do more study on the correct application before using it. We are getting good results from the Climb exercises in terms of distance and duration/distraction. He actually holds held his breath when I walk behind him so he can hear how far away I am (funny boy). The end agility work is nice for him to open up the throttle and bounce around like a dog.