work on duration/distraction and focus on my body movement and positioning, also watching not to cue him to much when asking him to commit to the silent stay, (as he has been taught stay) however has not been taught the release "free"(end of command).


  1. These sessions where conducted in the morning and the afternoon, I tried to stick to the phase 1 protocal as best as i could, i think i might have deviated from the text book slightly, i did incorporate a few little agility runs inbetween to let him expend some energy plus he loves it, there is some random heel work in there which i think is good for us to start practising, he has a tendancy to do circles around me and everything so heel work is definatly a good thing. Temperature is always hot and steamy in Darwin this time of year about 32*/ 90f and 60-70% humdity, 

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