For the last 2 session I have been trying to improve Ara's control before and after the bite (for more reliable dog), her bite placement (to keep the dog safe from injuries and to neutralize the aggressor). and her understanding of what a treat looks like (it is not about the suit or biting equipment, it is about the actions of the person).

In order to further improve Ara's Personal Protection skills I suggest the following:

- Improve her controlled around decoy with Suit and her understanding of a treat.

- Recall off leash back to handler after long distance bite.
- Apprehension from a stationary position Front/Rear presentation with confident bite and hold.
- Dealing with Multiple targets - Both from the leash and from a stationary position + recall to handler.

- Bark and hold for total off leash control.
NOTE: I would like to introduce the use of the E-collar for Ara. (I mention to Nuno  I was following Mike foundation system and that we were progressing to Ara phrase 3 remote training).
Have a look at the video below. This will give you a good idea of what I am aiming to achieve in this next stage of training:


  1. Sharon, you are coming along so nicely. If you and Nuno need any help introducing the phase 3 e color let us know. 🙂 keep up the good work!