1. Very good Sharon and Ara! I knew you would be a better distraction for her than anything else since she is so obedient when she is near you. She did great! and you did great too! Even when she broke command you used the no becuase she made an honest mistake and then went to correction. Excellent progress! So Proud of you both 🙂

  2. Continue to work on your command structure with everything you are doing. Each command has a silent stay in it so you don’t necessarily have to say stay. The dog should remain in that command until hearing their name again and the next command or to free them up. Soon you will be able to move to the remote. Start working on heel also. If you would like we can start working on Climb with the remote first. But you would need big distractions so that you can get her to mess up a lot so she learns the escape conditioning with the remote. Let me know if you would like to move along that way and I will help you. Heel is always good too to start with the remote because the dog gets more chances of corrections so they learn what the remote corrections mean. But there is no reason we cant move you along with the climb, then you can work on one thing at a time. 🙂