After watching these videos I can see I need to work on controlling Ara better... especially with the "home invasion". If I hadn't had Ara on lead after her 'watch" command and her going into the "speak" command she would have attack the decoy regardless to me not giving her the 'take it" command to do so. Also she wouldn't "out" but I only had her on the flat collar for these scenarios... as she wasn't hearing or listening to my commands (too excited) and was pulling the whole time it would have been working against the wanted behaviour instead of the prong proofing the incompatible behaviour. Example to ensure the dog knows when I say sit I mean sit and don't move until I give the next command or she free. I may need to take steps backward and work more at her obedience...  doing practice bitework drills with the commands first before doing any more scenarios.

Kate (trainer of Ara) refer me to her video of "teenage Jess works her German Shepherd dog Piper" to watch to learn how to have better control of Ara using the prong collar. (third video)

What are your thoughts Mike/Judy? ... do you think I should take steps backward with Ara first til I have good control with the prong and then later on do the control bitework drills with commands then move onto pairing the prong correction with the e-collar?


  1. I watched the videos and i think the bitework is good for the level of obedience you have when not doing bitework. Too much control during bitework will actually work against the dog if you do too much control in early drills.

    For instance in the video with the young girl the dog is doing bitework on a prong collar and the dog gets a correction (by mistake) when going for the bite. This can cause hesitancy sometimes on further bites. Also, all that control work without allowing the dog to sink in and get bites that are rewarded (not just shaking the suit around fast and then “out”) is going to make the bite itself less and less deep and productive as the dog will be expecting a bite that is hard to dig into and also will always anticipate an “out” so will not bother going all in and commit.

    In a nutshell the obedience and the bitework (the quality of the bite and fight) are workied on seperately until you are happy with the basics of both, and THEN i work them together. But, in the meantime it is OK to at least know that when you give the command for teh dog to be aggressive that she will, even if the control isnt too pretty. Better control on the bite will come in time with patience and I’ll write more details for you soon about that, or I will make article that you can refer to. I hope this comment makes sense and i didnt ramble too much lol.