I'm very please with Ara training... the only query I have is I notice as soon as the decoy stops moving she release her bite instead of holding on til I give an "out" command. I don't know if its a issue or not as in mho it can work to her advantage with multiple attackers or when targeting weapon hand. All feedback will be appreciated.    


  1. Good girl Ara!!!!! I love the video!! I would not worry at all about Ara releasing the bite when the decoy stops moving. It may be from an anticipation of an “out” or another attacker, but it is also natural reaction for many German Shepherds when the aggression ceases. I prefer dogs that act in this way, they are easier to release from agitators and do complex scenarios with compared to dogs that are over the top in prey drive and have trouble shutting it off when the aggression stops.

  2. Thank you both for your comments. Judy, Nuno must be the one watching the bite club videos as his a member of the group K1-9 bite club Paladin here on this site. I don’t have access to the group. I’m glad his following them as it means we are both following Mike system. Together we are all helping each other out by learning with Ara…. Ara gets to practice new scenarios and will be learning to work in a muzzle soon. I’m really going to have to work on the ninja leash handling skills and try to break my old habit of how I’m handling the leash… wish I had started it right from the beginning when I first started to be a dog handler. Ara is a great dog and I hope her grandson will be just as good as her and his dad… lovely temperament dogs. I wouldn’t buy my pup from anyone else than Kate.

  3. This vid is of Ara son Stroppy at 12mths and who I’m waiting for a pup from his littler. Stroppy is 5yrs old now and rip a large hole in his leg and won’t be mated til next yr. It was touch and go with him for awhile but thankfully he as recovery and is doing well now. I’m looking forward to training my future pup in the Foundation Style dog training system. Love this site and the system taught here.