Goal - To improve Ara bark and getting her under control to stay with handler without pulling.

Suggestion/question - I've had a look back at Ara training with Kate and I think we are doing really well at improving her "speak" to a deep bark and getting her under control on the "speak". I notice with the videos of Ara training with Kate and also when I was doing the handler course on my purchase of Ara she was still pulling to get to the bite. Kate was still correcting her being on the other long line lead with the prong collar while I had the short leash on the flat collar. In our training your advice was to use the "sit" command and a  quick sharp one correction - would it be ok for me to use "stay" command instead of "sit"?... "stay" command seem to be what Ara was train to do in this situation of her pulling or are we using the "sit" command instead as this command puts her in a more relax state of mind?

 Note of area of improvement - Resetting by doing a U-turn and walking her til she is following me and my commands again is a very good method of getting her under my control again after high tension of Ara doing the "speak" or the "take it" commands.
Goal -Nuno teaching handler control by understanding dog psychology with already trained protection dog.
Note - learning to read dog body language - decoy does not stare at dog when close or patting dog (staring is threatening to dogs). When dog leans on handler we don't want this as it means dog is depended  on handler.
Goal - desensitizing Ara to suit to prevent innocent bystanders wearing large suit getting bitten by mistake instead of the attacker.

Note area of improvement -achieving Ara to be comfortable with man in suit and less reactive through decoy being close and patting as been improve. Ara needed to learn the suit does not mean bite - its the man action of being aggressive is when she can bite.
Goal of lesson - to stop Ara preferring the bite on large jacket/suit to prevent innocent bystanders getting bitten by mistake instead of the attacker.
Finally lesson for the training session of desensitizing Ara to man in suit using two decoys. Ara is still concentrating on man wearing suit at beginning of lesson. Not sure if I made the mistake here - if I should have waited til Ara was looking at aggressive civil clothing man (Nuno) instead of looking at man in jacket/suit. Ara as been train to zoom in on a person on the handler command "watch" as the handler is giving her warning this is the person who is the threat and who she should be looking at to bite.

Suggestion - this may have been my handler mistake - next time I will draw Ara attention to the aggressive man for her to watched. (Nuno, Mike as interesting video on he site of teaching dogs to follow handlers stare to where handlers looks when a bad guy goes to attack - its very effective. If you have a chance have a watch of it and let me know your thoughts about it.)
Note area of improvement -  With moving prong collar to correct position on neck giving one sharp correction was enough to get Ara to obey commands better.

Also Ara wasn't pulling me as much and was staying under my control better.
End of lesson Ara was concentrating more on the civil clothing attacker then the bystander decoy wearing the large bite jacket.

Hi Mike,
Any feedback you wish to add will be most welcome. Nuno explain the pump action you use in phrase two works well if I had the prong collar fitted properly. I needed to move the prong collar higher on dog neck where you will only need gentle tugs when conditioning & teaching dog in Phrase 2 prong collar.
Now that Ara is condition and understand the correction with the prong collar I should be able to use one sharp correction with it.