Summary of Ara  and Tazer's training session:

Ara summary
- Bark prior to bite - improvement
- Control after bite and test proximity and laud noises.

- Test bite placement on arm

My notes - agitator leans on fence with arm raise and armpit expose. Handler as dog between fence and handler to help guide dog into targeting the armpit area.  (agitator reacts to bite by yelling in pain - rewards rebites)

Tazer summary

- Train control around people, work on proximity. (distance)
My notes - reset commands if Tazer triggers off. Give command and correction before dog does action by turning away then when turning back towards trigger (agitator or strangers) watch dogs body language and get in before dog reacts with 'Tazer - leave it - correction".  Reward with praise when Tazer doesn't react with "good dog, good leave".
- Let Tazer engage after a few repetitions

However, she wants the bite, like Ara, and its isnt suggested until her bark deepens, and when the bark is best she gets a bite. When she is squeaky he moves away.