Here it is a summary of our Sunday Session
Ara Assessment during session:
- Assess dog's reaction to the changes of body language of the decoy prior to the bite. Calm, Agressive, just talking loud, acting suspicious.
- Assess dog's reaction during the bite
- Assess dog's nerves  after the bite with LEAVE command.
Points of improvement:
-Bark prior to the bite
- Make sure Ara barks only on command. In a few situations she got overexcited with the presence of the suit. Thus we can work on improving her control. Particularly prior to the bite as the dog is anticipating it and wants to react.
- Ara got slightly confused when the decoy was on the floor during the bite.
- Sharon's commands were good she just needs to work on feeling comfortable with the drills.


  1. Practicing “leash ninja” even when the leash is not attached to the dog will help you gain muscle memory and help you to think less about the leash. Continue practicing at home with the leash slide, finger locks, pumps, switching hands, and palm up to prevent flipping and to allow quick slide up to the dog in case needed to protect the the agitator in case of an emergency during bite work. If the dog happens to for whatever reason, come off the bite and goes to rebite in either the face of another unprotected part you will be able to use quick leash ninja slide with proper handling to gain fast and better control to prevent an injury. This is better to get closer to the dog fast as it is harder to gain control 6 feet out from the leash. We use this technique when do skills building days.