Picking him up to present date.

No "serious" training although every interaction with him is training.

Mostly just testing his limits abilities, proclivites, and likes. Playing with him, getting to know each other. Learning his movements and quirks as to mark the behaviors I want. Has learned sit from me saying the word as he would perform the action on his own. Learning situations when he would sit, and saying the word as he would do so, then praising. Picked it up after a few repitions, but still continuing to anchor.

Did same with "go potty" and made the mistake of asking " do you need to go potty" while inside one day. 🙁 I don't ask that anymore. 

The last day he has been going to door and whining or scratching if he needs to go out.

Has learned what "let's go back inside" means from me saying it everytime we would head back. Also, 'come on lets go' from same way. 

Took him for a long walk in pasture. stopped. Suddenly took off running fast enough to loose him, then dropped so he couldn't see me, to teach him to stick closer and use his nose. Once he started on the back trail I called to let him pin point. He turned around and found me and was very proud of himself.

Starting to take him into business establishments when not too crowded to get him used to more sites, noises, sounds and people moving around.

Seems well acclimated to most noises. On the jobsites the only tools which even phased him a little, for only a minute, was the grinder while cutting sheet metal. 

Harnessed him up and took him 20ft up on scaffold for a few minutes to build trust, see how he was with hieghts, and confidence. He rather liked it after a minute. This has led to him trying to climb a ladder I was on several days later wanting to be up with me.

Am teaching him what, No, and, Leave it mean, with leash pumps when he is trying to get 'trash' while out walking.