Continuing to work with him on confidence and exposing him to more distractions. Took him to the lumber yard today while more people were inside than normal. He did extremely well even when I made some abrupt rights down some aisles. Did my best to keep him engaged with me and praise him everytime I saw a behavior I liked.

Working on praising more.

Not liking the idea of being dependent on the pager mode of a collar if the distance is too great for voice, disliking the noise of a hunting horn, and wanting to convey commands quietly at a distance I decided to try a quality 'silent' whistle.

Got it two days ago and spent the first evening, and half the next day, priming Ace for the whistle. Primed him by blowing it calling here and making a big deal out of it. Then reversed the procedure. 

He is now responding very well to the recall whistle only. 

The background noise he can hear it over, and the walls he can hear it through is amazing. The only issue I have noticed is when he doesn't know where I am, even outdoors, it seems he has a hard time pinpointing where it comes from. Will have to continue and evaluate it's usefulness.