After and incident changing his collar, where he didn't want me to, bit and had a ball of fury on my hands (had to put him down, take a deep breath, pick him back up and all was okay), and one at the vets where he growled at a customer staring/looking at him, I am progressing his drills. I also must control my emotions more around him as he seems to be rather attuned to them. 

Adding, 'leave it,' 'heel,' and 'out' to his repitore. One evening of letting him range on a long line, telling him 'heel' and leading him where he was to go and taking a few one-two steps releasing him and repeating; the next morning he did it flawlessly. 

Even though it feels strange to do so in a pup his age, since he has demonstrated he knows the commands when he wants something, I am adding corrections when he doesn't obey.

On day two of heel practice, I had let him range out, said his name, and told him to 'heel.' He looked at me and went right back to what he was doing, until I gave him a light tug on on the long line. He immediately came to me as taught flawlessly.

Learning well what 'leave it' means.

Today I took him into the lumber yard and in the building with distractions he performed commands very well with only a few reminders needed on heel.

I'ts cute to watch him try to keep looking at my leg to make sure he is maintaining his proper spacing, although it does make him run into me occasionally.