Last night when I went to get him out of the crate he wanted out now. I stepped back and told him down and stay, He did until I unfastened the door and then jumped up. I told him, no, fastened it back stepped back. He sat and started biting on the wire. I told him, no, again and stepped back more and he went into a full down. As I stepped forward he got back up again so I stepped back and told him again. After a few minutes he finally went into a full down, with a huff and a grunt but stayed until I opened the door and said it was okay.

I have been experimenting with anchoring emotions in Ace. This morning I used a voice I have used when he is acting puppyish and he went straight into the puppy mode. Still trying to figure out how to create and anchor them in a dog.

He is still stubborn on the down. I actually placed him in it twice today either because he didn't want to or still a little unsure as it is the most recent. However he has done it the past two mornings, first thing in the mornings, on the first command. 

Ace suprised me today. I was driving on a very rough road in my work truck to show an associate a job, Ace was in the middle chewing on some rawhide. All of a sudden he jumps up, puts his feet on my arm and starts scratching me like mad. 

Looking at him I asked him "what?" He sits down looks at me and barks. I asked what again he jumps on my arm and starts scratching like mad again stops sits down, barks at me. Whines and grumbles.

I figured it out. His rawhide chew had fell between the seats and he couldn't get it. I got it out and he started demanding it. By this time I had stopped and told him to down. He really didn't want to, but after a couple minutes and a huff he finally did.

On the way back he did the same thing again. I pulled him to my lap and my associate got it out and gave it to me for him. 

After some time he looks at me and barks again. This time the associate reached beside him between the seat to get it. Ace got hold of his finger then let go. We aren't sure if Ace thought it was the rawhide or if he was telling him to back off. I reached in and got it with no issue.

The fact he ignored the guy afterwards upped my estimate of Ace.