I haven't been concerned with speed, or preciseness with him carrying, or picking up objects.
In the early stages I tried forced holds with him only very few times. Saw it would quickly lead to a test of wills, and confrontation so tossed the idea in hopes of using his natural inclination to go after something moving.
Started in the mornings with my shoes bumping them around on the floor to get him interested giving the command I desired to use, and gradually shaped this behavior, progressing to him bringing them across the room to me while I remained seated, and using those commands out in the field.
His longest carry so far has been 150yrds or so, from a tractor supply checkout to our truck.
Yesterday I picked up a stick, and threw it into a pile of brush giving him the command. He got the right one so I was pleased.
May be a slower progression but I feel it created more respect than an all out battle of wills and teeth.
I made a mistake in the vid above. He is used to getting into a heel before I give the drop command, and If I had thought I would have let him get into position first.

With his training I have been trying to study him, and use his natural tendencies, nature, and instincts and shape them to a desired result rather than force and rote learning; although it may be slightly slower I have found it to be much less stressful on him, and more reliable.