Although he does well with noises still working on ensuring stability in unique situations.  

Took him for two rounds on mower, in my lap, yesterday. He did really well, didn't show anxiousness, and actually wanted back on it. 

Went for a walk yesterday, I took a couple quick steps, jumped to the side, and dropped in some weeds. Heard two anxious pants, then heard his nose start working. Saw his nose go up and he followed it right to me. Didn't even see me until he was on top of me. 🙂 

Found an issue I will have to work on. Vet gave me pills for coccidia instead of liquid. He started to get nasty with the vet on the last one at his office. He starting to get nasty now with me trying to get them down. Will try something I should have done to start with, give him a treat, give a pill, treat and another pill, and finally treat, and play, in attempt to make taking the pill something to look forward too. Have a week of this to do.

Noticed he is starting to assume what we will do, which directions we will go, and taking off ahead of me. without looking back. I have began changing my routes out and back from the house. A few times he has gotten all the way back to the house, or where he thinks I was going, before noticing I'm not there. He usually will come to find me and pay more attention to me.

It has been so long since I had a cur I forgot they will study us as much, or more, than we study them. Ace will sit and study the movement of animals, and then proceed to act. Whereas lexi will go into action and test depending on her speed and agility.

Watching him with the sheep was amazing. He wanted to engage so I kept him on a long line to give him room and pull him to safety if needed.

He would ease up to them until they reacted in some way. When they bolted he started running away from them, I  thought he was scared, but he circled back in towards the direction they bolted and tested again.

 The next time he quit running towards them and just started slowly walking toward one (the gentlest one) she made a movement towards him, as I knew she was about to charge I pulled him back even though she is rather gentle and will not drive far after contact, and  he got a gentle push. He then proceeds to go to another one, when she made the same body movements as the previous one he jumped back before she charged, then he proceeded to test how close he could get without getting charging body language. I definitely wasn't expecting anything like this from a 7 week old pup.

A little later he learned to watch the rams as they travel more distance and will make a longer drive after contact. Watching closely, I knew what was about to take place, and had shortened up the lead, pulled him back before and jumped between Ace and the ram. 

I've noticed in subtler ways they are also studying and testing us. More so I think than any other breed. Can I trust him? Will he look after me? Will he maintain his cool? Can I play him? Defintely keep you on your toes.