Interesting 2 days with Ace.
My brother helped me today, since Ace hadn't seen him in a few months, I had my brother picked up, and taken him to jobsite. Give Ace chance to get used to him again.

Lunch time he still wouldn't let my brother in the truck, not wanting to punish Ace for something I want, tried a different approach.

Took Ace out of the truck on leash, opened passenger door myself, took Ace to the drivers side and told my brother to get in Ace watched; was growling low, but after a moment he looked at me, tail relaxed, and then I told him to load up.

No problems. Other than a cursory sniff Ace ignored him.

That took place twice, the third time had him just open the door. Ace froze, and relaxed slightly after a moment, thought it would be okay until my brother reached for his bag he had in the seat. Ace was stopped by the leash.

Seems Ace's que now, for any one besides my wife to get in the truck, is to take Ace out and have them get in first.

Still have to figure out the tool situation. Ace doesn't like it if he sees him pick up a tool.

Any ideas?

Day 2.