Yesterday I took Ace to a blind setup to watch for/call coyotes Iooking for patterns and routes of travel. Took Ace along to work in feild conditions. As he is territorial and showing a propensity to be k-9 aggressive I expected if we saw any I would have my hands full but could use it to increase his stability under stress.

I let him run in the blind until one coyote passed us, which he didn't see, then called him to a sit beside me. He got bored and started trying to mill around twice in the first 10min of our hour or so sitting. After the second time of gently and quietly placing him back into sit he knew something was up and started mimicking me; watching the woods and pasture intently.

Ace started nosing me toward the end, and I noticed he was shaking, since he was barely whining thinking he was cold I started to call it a day when he got hyper alert.

From an area he had been watching for about 10 minutes a coyote came out of the brush running parallel then away from us turning behind some brush about 100yds away to watch us.

Ace broke sit, and stood on the side of blind whining quietly and shaking hard. I gently and quietly placed him back into sit. Called the coyote and it came running full tilt straigt for us until it was 20-30ft away before realizing something was up and bolting off.

Although shaking hard with adrenaline, and quiet whining, Ace maintained a perfect sit waiting for a release command. After it left I let him track it for several hundred yards as a reward before we turned back.

Ace did much better than I expected for a first feild test.