Have been working on perfecting heel. Stopping and/or sitting from a walk, as well as lie down or dropping from a walk.

Started him on bringing me my shoes in the morning. Has been doing it solid for almost 2 weeks now. 

Little annoying when he brings them and sets them on the bed on a weekend morining wanting me to hurry and get up when I'm trying to sleep in. 🙂

This evening he did his first good walking hold (holding an object in his mouth while following commands) Only had to replace it once becuase he saw a cat and wanted to go after it. Other than that time he held it while walking in heel and following sit commands.

To keep him interested and learning, and because he doesn't like it, I have also started teaching him to roll over in his back. The one time he got really nasty with me was the first time I attempted to get him over on his back several weeks ago. I let it rest for a couple weeks and have since started implementing it slowly. He is coming along well.

Have also continued working and whistle recall and teaching commands with a whistle.

Still progressing on whistle blasts for commands also.