At 3 months old he started showing a territorial propensity which seems to grow by the week. I feel I need obedience in any and all circumstances with him. 

Have also been working on him looking at me for permission before doing anything (takes a long wait sometimes) With the dispostion I see now, even though he does wag his tail at some in crowds, if current behavior is any indicator, I don't want him to start acting on his own accord.

We took Ace to a hog baying, knowing there would be lots of people and dogs.

Although he acted like he wanted to go through the windshield we left him in the truck a little while. 

Went back to get him. Put him in a heel and walked through the middle of the throng. He as a little overwhelmed at first and wanted to dart away from the crowds but after walking him to the back, letting him observe and get acclimated he was holding a down and heel with only a couple reminders when others walked by very closely.

I got him to focus on his commands which seemed to calm him down. He did very well. 

For a week straight now he has been bringing me my shoes every morning. Learned the difference between mine and her shoes and also brought her shoes to her this morning. Currently working on getting him to pick up and give me objects I point at or "accidentally" drop. I think for his age he is doing well.

At 3 months old, was working late and guests at another rental cabin were walking through the woods. If he is in my work truck, tied to it or close to it he shows more territiorial aggression.

Ladder at 3 months: Second time up. Did better the first time: Not good at editing. Starts at 00:45. He got stuck half way up and I had to show him which foot to move.