He is really keeping me on my toes. 

He learned my usual commands for odebience in 1 day and has been solid since. No longer responds to 'sit,' 'down,' or 'stay.'

Started working on giving commands from a distance, by letting him loop long line around a pole or tree and not approaching him until he does and holds  the command. If he breaks I step back.

Yesterday I was working and he started alert barking, looked up and a car was driving by. I told him, "good boy" and the race was on (being such a remote cabin and usually no traffic so I let him off leash not knowing someone was at their private cabin just past, I misread hims intention and he took the 'good boy' as to go ahead), I told him stop and he looked and kept going. I voice his name very gruffly and he stopped, called him and squatted down and he came to me. 

Today I took a 30ft long line and added anohter 20ft. When they came and he would start to head that way I would call and gently pull. Worked well. By the time the 3rd vehicle came by he was staying close to my work truck.

Took him into lumber yard while crowded today and had to reassure him a little at first. Will have to gradually increase his tolerance to crowds.

His alert barking and seriousness at his age has only started in the last 3 days and has really surprised me. Wasn't expecting it for a few more months.

I do like how he looked to me a few times for guidance. I didn't give him any because I wanted to see what he would do,