I don't get excited or overly enthusiastic with play in an attempt not to get them too wound up.

Took Ace out let him play and get a ways away from me stood up and blew the whistle walking backwards as he ran to me. Give him a few pats telling him a good boy as I walked to his tug toy.

When he gets to those moods he is all teeth. 

Played tug for a minute, gave the out command he released and immediately released him to play again. Repeated a couple times.

After those few times I would play tug, have him out, and do a sit or down using his only his new words and immediately release him to play some more. After several repitions I had him do a short stay using his new word for it and release him to play again. Worked him up to about an 1 minute stay and let him take the toy to play on his own.

While he was playing with it I gave the whistle recall while squatted on the ground. He did come but was too wound up being all teeth. Was wanting to play but couldn't control his mouth. 

Running towards me I figured he would stop or jump my leg as he has before but instead he slammed me full force in the chest with his shoulder, bounced off, regained his feet and lunged at my face before I could react. Glad I have a beard which through him off. Just barely nipped my jawbone. 

I guess the cooler weather is working on him.

He has already learned the new words for his commands.