How Do You Gather 600,000 Chickens?

How do you gather 600,000 chickens with less labor and less injury?

How do you pen and milk 50 goats at a time?

How do you raise 50,000 broilers at a time and keep their pens wast-free?

How do we satisfy our need for billions of eggs a year while reducing disease and chicken mortality and avoiding egg breakage?

How do we break a billion eggs a year (and economically separate yolks from whites) for commercial cooking?

How do we wash, sterilize, and package billions of eggs a year for the supermarket?

How do we process hundreds of thousands of pig carcasses a week for bacon, ham, ribs, and sausage?

How do we process hundreds of thousands of cow carcasses a week for steaks, hamburger, roasts, and hotdogs?

How do we sort it, inspect it, smoke it, dry it, and package it for market?

And WHY do we do it this way?

Simple: Too many people.

World population, which took 1 million years to reach 1 billion people by 1830, doubled to 2 billion by 1930, rose to 3 billion by 1960, 4 billion by 1975, 5 billion by 1986, and 6 billion by 1999.

Today, world population is 7.8 billion and will be about 9.8 billion by 2050.

We simply do not have the luxury of providing healthy, antiseptic, and affordable food (any food) to a massive human population using the inefficient, slovenly, and expensive production techniques used in 1830, 1930, 1960, or 1975.