• Judy B.

    April 26, 2017 at 6:07 am

    I have only used Dogtra collars and do like them very much. Yes you have to make sure the contact points are making good skin contact othereise the dog will get inconsistent corrections. Also you meed to take into consideration the dogs adrenaline level and situation in which you are using the remote. The levals are fine tuneable because you will always be adjusting them accordingly. Dont get stuck on the numbers its the dogs reaction which should be the focus. Different factors can cause the stim to be too much or too little on the same number. Same use but different adrenaline level within the dog can cause the dog to constantly need tge remote adjusted. If you just used it on say a leval 20 for example and the dog was in a excited frame of mind for example, and then you use it again for the same obedience and the dogs excitabilitly or adrenaline leval has decreased you may get a yelp where you didnt before. You need to be able to read and know your dog and constantly adjust accordingly. Also the most imprtant thing to understand and take into consideration is the part where you say the dog gets confused. When using the remote its very important the tge dog understand the escape conditioning for the actual task you are using it for. If the dog has not been properly taught how in fact to escape the correction for each particular command it can and will cause panic or confusion. If you ever see this you need to go backwards and make sure the dog knows all the phases of training and has a complete understanding on how to escape the remote correction. Since these corrections are non directional….like a leash pump is….if the dogs panic or get confused it can be unfair to them and can cause unessesary stress. If you have any questions on teaching escape conditioning let us know. We use the dogtra collars in our classes and when taking the time to teach each phase of training we have success without ever really havinh and panic or confusion when done in certain order. You can find an obedience cheklist on the site to trouble shoot amd make sure that you have completed pre requisites for each thing you want to teach your dog with the remote. Placent and pressure on our own necks and the dogs can also cause us to feel difgerences so as mentioned above contact and placement are important. It is also important to periodically chack the placement again randomly during a training session. When dogs adrenaline starts going their necks can swell and the collor can become too tight. Also, when the shake or their skin settles or when the collor settles it can become loose. You make have to re adjust the collar a few times during the same session. You should not be able to get your fingers under the contact points, but you shpuld be able to gey your fingers under the strap. Remember to check also when your dog turns its head that the contact is still ok.

    Love the dogtras..I dont think you coiks go wrong investing in one that suits you and your dogs needs.