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  • Catherine Dunn

    January 8, 2017 at 5:14 pm

    OK, three main dogs that Maud spends time with;
    1. My daughter’s mini schnauzer, male, neutered, 6 years old nice enough dog could use some more training IMHO. Fat and lazy.
    2. My son’s Lab, male neutered, 3 years old, very good dog, largish on the lab scale. He’s calm and sensible and is trusted around the toddlers to the extent that any dog can be.
    3. My friend’s golden retriever, female, spayed, 5 years old weighs maybe 32 kg. Still quite playful and puppyish despite her size and age.
    I guess Maud is closing in on 6kg or so at present.

    So it’s pretty much the same thing with all of them. We’re at each others’ homes or the coffee shop, Maud starts to play and we end up with dogs rolling about growling and knocking things over. To establish peace we tether Maud up away from the other dog(s) and she whinges and fusses to be free.
    Do you think this is just a stage and she will get over it with time or is there something we should be doing right now?