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  • Michael D’Abruzzo

    July 20, 2021 at 9:51 am

    Kim, this is excellent and thoughtful feedback gives me much to think about.

    This brings me to thinking about what should be “certifications” and what should simply be landmark courses on the way to certain certifications.

    Historically anyone who was an entry-level “Foundation Style Dog Trainer” could at least map out all common behavior problem “blue-prints” including aggression cases regardless if they have taken on each yet as a professional, but have shown the ability to implements the major tactics that can be combined in different ways to be successful at each strategy. (map out the plans and train the major behavior needed to further implemant the management and rehab parts of those plans)

    Using a support system of other experienced trainers (here) and staying in contact with mentors while taking on certain cases after initial course completion for the first time was always important and also why I want to formalize this more in the “ethics” module (or certification) which holds a trainer accountable to what they can confidently be successful with.

    As far as aggression cases are concerned I believe that all professionals should have at least knowledge of prevention and of how to implement TRAMP plans even if they don’t plan on purposely taking on more serious aggression cases. It allows for better education to the clients for options and smart referrals. Also, it is not uncommon for a lifetime client to develop an aggression “problem” along the way, even if it wasn’t the chief reason for the initial call.

    I am starting to think that 1-6 should be coursework landmarks, and we can issue digital badges for the profiles, so we all know which members have covered which base information, and then completion through TRAMP course and a final can earn “FSDT Certification”.

    We also NEED a strong husbandry/health/safety unit included which I have not listed yet.

    After, additional certifications for protection, scent work, etc.. can be built upon that base as specialty certifications limited to certified foundation-style dog trainers. These courses will be easier to design when directed at certified trainers because the majority of the training concepts, vocabulary, and mechanics will not need to be retaught.

    What do you think?

    Proof of knowledge at each level is another subject that feedback is appreciated. I need a system that is doable with the current setup and considers keeping the costs down for members, which would need as much automation as possible.

    To achieve this my current plan is to:

    1. Use as many multiple-choice questions (automated grading) as possible on the lower levels of theory, and include thoughtful open-ended questions on final tests.

    2. Require a certain amount of video submissions of certain tasks (teaching/training), and also require a certain degree of peer interaction in evaluating each other’s work (similar to how I have requested in the ethics in dog training stream)

    3. After “certification” requiring a high degree of accountability. Entry-level trainers are not in any way expected to be perfect, but ethical trainers should definitely continue to interact with their peers on first-time and difficult cases. I will also have a public list of certified trainers back up but will need our code of ethics complete and listed, and I will place a form for anyone to report unethical practices so incidents can be addressed in a thoughtful manner (punitive is not always the best answer) to improve us all.

    I already set up a question committee for any members that want to submit questions for the tests to put in the pool: https://dogtraining.world/groups/the-question-committee/members/all-members/

    We will also eventually need to set up an ethics committee