• Arthur Lopatin

    September 17, 2020 at 8:16 pm

    I haven’t had a chance to watch your ‘Walking with Nugget’ vid yet, but judging from Judy’s comments it seems you are making good progress with Nugget, that he’s bonded with you and has become accustomed to looking to you for leadership. That’s a precious thing, something essential for continues progress in training.

    Nugget’s not wanting go go w/the daycare/boarding facility lady but being OK w/going toward the door when you went in that direction is a tell; i.e., it’s significant. So I think your assessment is correct.

    I just hope the people running that facility know what they are doing and have well-trained staff. It’s great that they had nice things to say about Nugget but IMO, it’s more important that Nugget has nice things to ‘say’ about them. If I were you, I’d ask them some searching, probing questions about how the weekend went; e.g. what he did all day, who he played with, how he played, etc? Did they see any signs of separation anxiety when the door closed? If so, how did they handle it. Any aggression issues? How did they handle it? Some facilities have on-site cameras so owners can watch there dogs. Does this place have them? ……..

    I hope this feedback is helpful and that Nugget, and you, had a great weekend. My sister-in-law lives in Switzerland. She travels a lot and boards her dog at a local facility. Her dog loves the place. I hope Nugget has a similar experience.