He's energetic, stubborn, very very smart, pushes boundaries. He knows he's not supposed to chew on anything, but he will when I'm not in the room, even if it's for two minutes. Jumps and mouths, but has pretty good bite inhibition. Lays down in an alert position when there are other dogs. Will lunge if they get close or they start barking. Will stay still if they walk away. Doesn't move until they're out of sight. Doesn't bark unless he hears a noise at the door. Comes to get me each time he hears something. Seems to calm down after I check. Very food motivated. Will whine for his food, especially when I'm putting it in his bowl. Will stay in a sit until I give the release command for him to eat. Doesn't like training for come. Will refuse to move towards me. When I'm petting him he will often flip onto his side and roll on his back. His tail will wag for a few seconds before stopping and his ears pull back. It's not every time.