Belgian Shepherd Malinois

II came across an online add in my city for a female Belgian Malinois 6 months old so I asked the owner why he is selling her and the reason he said was because he has two and they don't get along. The price was much less than half the going rate so I went to see her and found a sweet puppy that showed signs of anxiety, malnourishment and abuse that has never even recieved any obedience training so Icouldn't leave her there. As soon as I started showing her some love and feed her some good food she quickly came around and now she follows me around. Took less than 24 hours to get her to act like a typical Maligator and her drive is increase every day(second day today). She also gets along nicely with my two GSDs.

Bella will be trained as a Personal Protection dog but first need to get through phase one with her.

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