Obedience Club

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A dog training club for all dogs!

Our training classes are hosted at Paladin Center.  Here, dogs train in various settings.  Paladin Center has 130,000 square feet of indoor training area and 50 acres of outdoor training area.  Below are videos that show different scenes from training, and a full length class of dogs working specifically on the “heel” command.  We offer advanced classes in scent detection and protection training to members that do well in “obedience club” first:

Obedience Club members can meet at the following schedule:

Paladin Center – 39 Seminary Hill Road, Carmel, NY 10512

Tuesday: 7pm-8pm

Thursday: 7pm-8pm

Saturday: 10am-12pm (2 hours)

No dog is refused training.  Aggressive dogs are welcome and encouraged to come.  All dogs with adult teeth (over 6 months old) must wear basket muzzles unless otherwise instructed.  This is for the safety of all the handlers and dogs in the class.  Even “non-aggressive” dogs will bite in self defense if they feel threatened by a more aggressive dog that comes to class.

Please have a 6 foot leash (leather is best) and training treats.

All training collars are welcome.  We will instruct on the proper use and misuse of each.  It is flexible how you prefer to train your own dog.

This is class is for supervised training.  You will train at your own pace under the supervision of trainers.  Dogs at all levels of training will be in the same classes.

Members can also build a profile on this site, ask questions in the forum, and live chat with other members.

Any questions please TEXT head instructor Mike at: 914-720-9586

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