Review: My experience at Rogue K9 Academy


1) What prompted you to seek professional help for you and your dog?
My sister and her dog Ringo had just started working with Allie, and my sister suggested I go with her to her sessions since I would be watching Ringo while she was at work during the day. When I mentioned that i had a dog of my own, Allie insisted I bring her along to the sessions, saying that she would be happy to help. My dog, Pfeiffer, was shy. She would often hide and avoid everyone at home, and was absolutely terrified of going outside and doing anything outside of her comfort zone. I knew I wasn’t giving her the life she deserved, and I was ready to change that.

2) Were your concerns addressed? Was the training plan simple and effective?
Allie showed a lot of patience and persistence from the get go. She took my concerns and offered me the proper help and resources without making me feel overwhelmed or confused. She never bombarded me with too much information, and made sure to move slowly but gradually through training.

3) Was your dog happy and comfortable with the methods used?
Allie was always so mindful of how Pfeiffer was feeling, and always made sure to slow down or take a step back if we needed to. Pfeiffer is a sensitive gal, and Allie took that to heart. She made Pfeiffer’s comfort and her feelings a priority every single session.

4) Did you feel like the training was transparent and humane?
Extremely. Whenever Allie would introduce a new piece of equipment or a new drill, she would explain thoroughly why we were using it, how it would be helpful, and how to use it properly. She never showed any kind of negligence or disregard for the health and safety of my dog.

5) Allie at Rogue K9 Academy Claims to offer FULL SERVICE training….did she?
Absolutely. Allie was always a call or text away, and always made it known that she was there to help us with anything and everything. There were times where I felt doubtful in my ability to handle Pfeiffer, but Allie was always at the other end of a call ready to talk and troubleshoot. Having her as a constant resource was reassuring.

What else (if anything) could you add to give a personal perspective on your overall experience?
I could write a book of all the great things I have to say about Allie and it probably still wouldn’t do her enough justice. Allie has a passion for her profession that is indescribable, and Pfeiffer and I are lucky to have found her. Allie’s dedication is inspiring, and has transformed my attitude completely. It wasn’t until we started training that I started seeing Pfeiffer, my best friend, for who she truly is. Allie encouraged me to understand Pfeiffer and her personality. To understand that she isn’t stubborn or resentful, but tenacious, independent, and an incredible testament to her breed. The relationship Allie has helped Pfeiffer and I create is more than I could’ve ever asked for. My once timid and afraid Pfeiffer is now hiking, swimming, climbing playground equipment, and running free off-leash. All thanks to Allie and her commitment to helping us give our best friends the life they deserve.



  1. Thank you for taking the time to share your story! Pfeiffer is so lucky to have a momma willing to embrace her for who she is! Pfeiffer is not only an amazing source of strength and hope for other aggression cases that join the RK9 crew, but she is the Star of our Bite Club! I am so grateful to have been apart of your journey! Kiss that spicy girl on the nose for me!