Foundation Style Dog Training Overview

These short lessons will give you an overview of how to streamline a dog training plan.

Module 1Intro 4,0
Unit 1Intro to Foundation Style Dog Training 4.0 unit
Module 2Ethology
Unit 1In the Beginning
Unit 2Domestication Copy
Unit 3Know Your Traits Copy
Unit 4Body Language Copy
Module 3Health
Unit 1Vaccinations Copy
Unit 2Diet Copy
Unit 3Health and Behavior Copy
Unit 4Internal Parasites Copy
Unit 5External Parasites Copy
Unit 6Effects of Neutering Copy
Unit 7Grooming Copy
Module 4Diagnosis
Unit 1Behavior Problems Copy
Module 5Attitude
Unit 1The Importance of Attitude in the Profession Copy
Module 6Manage
There are no units in this module.
Module 7Applied Behavior Analysis
Unit 1Intro to Applied Behavior Analysis Copy
Unit 2Extinction, Spontaneous Recovery, Generalization, Discrimination Copy
Unit 3Operant Conditioning Copy
Unit 4Classical Conditioning Copy
Unit 5Escape and Avoidance Conditioning Copy
Unit 6Reward Schedules Copy
Unit 7Establishing Operations Copy
Unit 8Premack Principle Copy
Unit 9Chaining Copy
Unit 10Shaping and Chaining Copy
Unit 11Task Analysis Copy
Module 8Leadership
Unit 1Intro to Leadership Copy
Unit 2Affection
Unit 3Work and Play
Unit 4Food and Chew
Unit 5Resting Places
Unit 6Outside and Travel
Module 9Habitation
Unit 1Phase 1 Habitation Copy
Unit 2Phase 2 Habitation Copy
Unit 3Phase 3 Habitation Copy
Module 10Training
Unit 1Phase 1 Training Copy
Unit 2Phase 2 Training Copy
Unit 3Phase 3 Training Copy
Module 11Advanced
There are no units in this module.